Hi, my name is Frank van Eis, 27 Years. I’m from the Netherlands. I’m a Artist & Music producer. Artist name: Mr.Franktastic I am a passionate person, who loves to make music. My primary job is nursing at a hospital. Besides my job, I found my passion within the music industry, back in the days. My vision when I make my music is always to embrace the vibe together! You can recognize me from the happy tunes, mystic entourage and the beautiful instruments within the songs. My goal is to hopefully reach more people with my music. For that, I would give all my passion and energy to it. Don’t forget to check out my newest song “Lifeless ft. Rose White” Dates coming releases: • Feb 18th! “Home” 🌌 •March 18th “Midnight” • April 15th “Dreaming”

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