Mr.Franktastic is the professional name of composer and multi-instrumentalist producer Frank van Eis. A native of the Netherlands, the 27 year-old musician creates genre-defying music that combines elements of Pop, Jazz, House and EDM into a unique mix of positive vibes and mellow grooves.
A nurse by day and artist by night, Frank made his solo recording debut in early 2021 with the song “The Curse.” With a Hip-hop beat, acoustic guitar, electric piano and soulful female vocal, the track introduced an adventurous producer with a unique sound.
“Lifeless” is the fourth single from Mr.Franktastic, released worldwide to all major streaming services on August 27, 2021. On the new track, Frank continues his exploration of a sound that blends downtempo electronic Funk with an organic Pop/Jazz vibe. The track is built on a percussive mix of drums, guitar, synths and quirky Thelonious Monk-style piano arpeggios.
Mr.Franktastic went big into the summer on June 17th, releasing his feelgood summer hit ”Waves” featuring Ava Allen. This melodic dance track is a hymn to the ocean and conveys a pure desire for the beach.

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